What makes a good real estate website?

Real estate is a very competitive industry. When people hear about a company, they often look at their website to learn more. That majority of their impression will come from the design of the website. Does it look modern? Do the typography and colors images feel good? Does it have eye-catching images? Is it responsive on both mobile devices and desktop?

Next, a customer may judge the company based on the professional of the site. They want to know that your a respectable, established business. Professional photos of you or your team are especially important in real estate to build your relationship. A testimonials section is often a good idea, allowing great experiences with your company in the past to be heard.

A large part of an experience of a good website is clarity. People should be able to easily find what they are looking for. Before a website begins development, the information should be organized and arranged properly. The website should flow from one section to the next in a meaningful and intuitive way. More minimalism can be considered to improve the user experience.


Real Estate website can come with all kinds of features. There could be a live chat, newsletter opt-ins, social media feeds, online booking or integrations social media, a CRM, bookkeeping systems. And what about MLS? It’s a big question for real estate websites. It will increase time and costs, but you’ll have MLS on your website. It is not always necessary, but it is certainly something to consider.

Any serious website ought to have analytics installed to learn and iterate on marking efforts.


At Saara, we specialize in websites in conjunction with online marketing. That means we work on the sales funnel from bringing new users to the website, their experience on the website, and delivering interested customers to you. We review results and can keep improving.

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