Donation Receipts in QuickBooks Online

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In using Quickbooks online for a non-profit that nowhere does it say “donation receipt.” However, there is a way using “Sales Receipts” as donation receipts.

Setting it Up

  1. Log in to Quickbooks
  2. Click on the wheel on the top left of the screen and go to Custom Form Styles under Settings
  3. Click on Header and change “Sales Receipt” to “Donation Receipt”
  4. Click on Activity Table and make “Description” and “Amount” the only boxes that are checked
  5. Click on Footer and enter the following message to donor “Thank you for your generous contribution! Please retain this receipt for your records.” (Or a similar message)
  6. For the footer text enter “[company name] is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization.” You can enter your Tax-ID number if you wish in the footer, though it isn’t required.
  7. Click on the wheel at the top left of the screen and go to Products and Services under Lists
  8. Click New
  9. Select Product Type as Service
  10. Name: Donation
  11. Description: “Dear Donor,This receipt acknowledges your generous donation to [enter company name]. We would like to thank you with sincere gratitude. This letter will serve as your receipt for tax purposes and certify that you did not receive any goods or services in exchange for your donation.”
  12. Income Account is your income account in which you track donations

Entering a Donation Receipt

  1. Log in to Quickbooks
  2. On the top center of the screen hit the + and under “Donors” click on Sales Receipt (make sure the “show more” option is chosen to find this)
  3. Enter the donor name
    1. If a new donor, then type in their name and press Add New. Then hit +Details. Add any details none. E-mail and billing address are the most important. Hit Save.
    2. If donation is from donation basket or donor is unknown, select “Anonymous Donors” as the customer
  4. Their e-mail address and billing address should automatically fill. If not, try to find out this information and enter it.
  5. Sales Receipt date = Date the donation was received
  6. Payment method = the way in which they gave money
  7. Reference no. = Enter check number if method was check
  8. Deposit to = Pick correct Checking or PayPal account that the money is going into
  9. Product/Service = Select Donation
  10. Amount = Enter amount of donation
  11. Memo = Enter any notes for handling money in which the customers will not see
  12. Attachments = Attach picture of check, deposit slip, or proof of payment, if any. This can also be easily done from the free Quickbooks phone app.
  13. Press Save and send
    1. If “Save and close” shows instead, then click the arrow next to it and click on Save and send
  14. A pop up window will appear with a preview. Ensure everything is correct and hit Send and close

For yearly donation statements, see this article.

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