“Out of clutter, find simplicity” – Albert Einstein.

There are many little ways to increase your ease of use and reduce clutter on your Mac.


DockScreen Shot 2015-10-24 at 10.54.34 AM

  • For starters, clean up your dock. Do you really need all those programs? Try having only the ones you are constantly using. For seldom used programs, use the search shortcut command-space bar.
  • Auto-hide the dock if you only want to see it when you need it. (Preferences->Dock)
  • For apps you always use, have them start when your computer starts and turn off the rest
  • Did you know you can add folders to your dock? Just click and drag them from the finder. You can open up a file inside a folder right from the dock.
  • I like to remove the downloads folder from the dock and download files right to my desktop. I treat my desktop like a workbench. Files move from here where they need to go and I send everything to the trash that have served their purpose.


  • Finder is where you navigate your files. Where does your search begin every time you open it? Is there somewhere that would make more sense, somewhere closer to where you are usually looking for files? You can change the starting point of Finder.
    1. Open Finder
    2. Open Finder Preferences
    3. Change New Finder window show: to your preferred folder
  • While you have Finder Preferences open, go over to the Sidebar tab and clean up what shows in your sidebar. Get rid of the things you never use.
  • You can also drag and drop folders directly in and out of your Favorites. Hide the groups you don’t use by moving your mouse to the right of a group (such as Tags) and clicking on the Hide button when it appears.

Hot Corners

Moving your mouse into the corner of your screen can create quick ways to organize your screen. Personally, I like having a quick way to clear everything to my desktop and being able to find a window that may be hidden (through Mission Control).

  1. Open system preferences (Click the Apple icon in the top left of the screen)
  2. Click on Mission Control
  3. Click on Hot Conners (Bottom Left)
  4. Set your Corners

Examples of Hot Corners

  • Desktop – Quickly clear everything to your desktop
  • Mission Control – Find hidden windows
  • Launchpad – Shortcut to find Apps
  • Application Windows – See only the app your working with
  • Notification Center – See your notifications
  • Start Screen Saver – When you want to quickly hide your screen
  • Disable Screen Saver – Another quick way to end your screen saver
  • Put Display to Sleep – Quickly put your display to sleep (saves more battery than screen saver)

Personal Favorites

Top Left: Disable Screen Saver

Top Right: Launchpad

Bottom Left: Mission Control

Bottom Right: Desktop


Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 10.47.29 AMA clean desktop.

Menu Bar

Show Today’s Date

  1. Click on the date on the right of your menu bar
  2. Click Open Date & Time Preferences
  3. Check mark Show Date

Show Battery Percentage (Laptops)

  1. Click on the battery icon on your menu bar
  2. Click Show Percentage

Locking your Mac

This is useful when you need to leave your Mac for a short period and don’t want to let other see or access your Mac.

  1. Search (command+spacebar) for Keychain Access and open
  2. Click on Keychain Access on the Menu Bar and open Preferences
  3. Check mark Show keychain status in menu bar

Stop Apps from opening when connecting your iPhone


  1. Plug in your iPhone
  2. Photos will automatically open (if not, then this isn’t an issue for you)
  3. Uncheck Open Photos for this device on the top left.


  1. Open iPhoto
  2. Click on iPhoto in the menu bar and go to Preferences
  3. Change “Connecting camera opens:” to No application