Gmail without settings

This is Gmail without any change to default settings.

Everything here is a change of settings from the default settings. It is only a matter of opinion, but try it out!

To get to Settings – Click the gear on the top right and click Settings

General Tab

Send and Archive – In your e-mails you have the option of sending emails (and not archiving) or sending and archiving. See this post to see why this is recommended.

Enable Undo Send – Checkmark the box and change the seconds to the max (30 seconds). When you send an e-mail there will be a yellow bar at the top of your gmail which will give you the option to un-send the email, before it gets to the recipient. Turn this on!! It is a lifesaver. You never know when you’ll need it and you’ll be so glad its there when you do. Even if you never use it, it is not bothersome.

Labels Tab

(Labels are available on the left side of your gmail and are categories for you email. Setting a label to hide will be visible when you hit “more” on the left side menu.”)

Starred – If you used stars (flags) to mark an email as a task, then you might want to leave this at “show.” I would recommend other systems to track emails as tasks and in these cases, hide it if you don’t need it.

Drafts – Switch this to “show if unread”

Categories and Circles – Hide everything

Custom Labels – If you already have your own labels, consider hiding them if you don’t refer to them often.

Inbox Tab

Categories – Uncheck all boxes. Trust me on this one. It is so much nicer not to have those tabs and there are much better ways to keep your e-mail organized and junk free.

Importance Markers – Make sure this is turned to no markers. I’ve never found these to be useful and just clutter up the screen.

Chat Tab

If you don’t use chat, turn it off. If you do, you can press the chat bubble icon on the bottom left to hide the chat while you aren’t using it.


Pick a background for your gmail. Click on my photos and upload a photo or paste a URL (find a picture you like on the internet, copy image URL and paste). Search for one you like. Change it once in a while.

A clean Gmail

Your nice, clean, improved Gmail.  🙂