Tools we Love

Tools We Love Keyport is a beautifully designed, lightweight smart solution to keys. It's about the size of a tic-tac case. All your keys can fit in one small device along with other devices such as a pen, flashlight, usb drive and more. Omnifocus is one of the best...

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Improve your Gmail

This is Gmail without any change to default settings. Everything here is a change of settings from the default settings. It is only a matter of opinion, but try it out! To get to Settings - Click the gear on the top right and click Settings General Tab Send and...

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Improve your Mac experience

"Out of clutter, find simplicity" - Albert Einstein. There are many little ways to increase your ease of use and reduce clutter on your Mac.   Dock For starters, clean up your dock. Do you really need all those programs? Try having only the ones you are constantly...

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Omnifocus Contexts

Omnifocus is my favorite task management app. It has helped make my life so much more organized and productive. I'd recommend it to anyone with a very active, busy life, with dozens of different tasks to complete every day. In Omnifocus there's something called...

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Simplicity & Beauty in Task Management

If you are frustrated with your long lists of tasks, pop-up notifications, endless projects, countless flags and due dates, you shouldn’t be. Believe it or not, task management can feel very good. It comes down to having the right level of organization - not too much,...

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Archiving Emails

Emails first come into your mail program into a folder called the inbox (unless certain email is filtered). After years of handling e-mails, I didn't know that these emails could be archived and how good it feels to reach a zero inbox! Basically the concept is this -...

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