How to Create Donor Statements in Quickbooks Online

If you are using sales receipts as donation receipts on Quickbooks Online, there is a way to send yearly donor statements. However, the statement will say "Sales Receipt", not mentioning "donation" anywhere and will not have any of the IRS required...

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How to Reconcile in Bookkeeping

What is Reconciling? Reconciliation is a process to get your Quickbooks to be 100% accurate, by matching what really happened with what was recorded. The most important accounts to reconcile are often checking accounts, since mistakes here could give an inaccurate...

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Accounting for Merchant Fees in Quickbooks

When there is a merchant fee for money received, such as a credit card fee, it can be tricky to properly enter the transaction in Quickbooks so that it matches the bank and also that it shows the customer as having paid the amount. If you're not going to invoice:  ...

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Using Square Register with QuickBooks Online

Square Register is a great POS system for small businesses. I had a lot of trouble trying to find ways to accurately enter my Square Register transactions with QuickBooks Online. Below is the best and simplest way I have found to use the two together. Summary All...

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Donation Receipts in QuickBooks Online

    In using Quickbooks online for a non-profit that nowhere does it say "donation receipt." However, there is a way using "Sales Receipts" as donation receipts. Setting it Up Log in to Quickbooks Click on the wheel on the top left...

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